Will you have a best-day-ever?

Picture one remarkable day in your life. Where were you? who were you with? what was different? Try to recall what that day was like.

Will you have a best-day-ever?

October 2019 was overwhelmingly emotional for me. I was not anticipating such a significant serotonin drop, which led me to experiment with ways to cope with the numbness of those cold, lonely days. That’s how I came to that exercise; I was trying to reverse-engineer the greatness of the past.

As I recalled bits of those better times, I felt even worse because I knew they were all gone and not coming back. Though, I was going somewhere with that. Right when I was starting to idealize those memories, I realized those weren’t 100% perfect days, nor was I aware of how much of a good time I was having. It’s only in hindsight that I was able to perceive such days as the “best ones of my life.”

So, am I sentenced to enjoy life just through the memories of the past? Of course not. What that meant was days are not predetermined to be good or bad. I concluded every day has the potential to be the best or the worst. I started smiling.

Not every day will be great, but will present some great moments. There will be no one “best day;” and that’s where the magic comes in. Every day shows new opportunities to find happiness, fulfillment and lessons in unique ways. Life is just life and it’s up to us to seize the different events as we live through it.

We experience life through our senses, but we remember it through the lens of our feelings.

Feelings are not absolute; there is no one “true happiness.” Feelings are not replicable. Feelings are deeply personal by design. That’s why we must listen to them and make the most of what our heart is telling us.

You will have many best-day-evers throughout your lifetime. They will all be entirely different. What matters is to enjoy every day for what it is (not for what we think it should be), for it’s never coming back.

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